30 Inspiring Container Vegetables for Beginning Gardeners

Container Vegetables is a free e-book that contains ideas and guidance for growing and preparing your own vegetables. It has been written by Keith Yamauchi, a professional organic gardener. You can buy Container Vegetables from the website of Earth Roots Organics or find them in your local gardening center. Keith has written this book with his wife, Stacy, as a resource for all those interested in starting a vegetable garden but have not been able to get started. It is packed with information on what vegetables to grow, what vegetables to buy, where to start, and how to choose your vegetables.

The authors have an interesting story to tell, even if their book is their very own favorite book. Both of them have been growing vegetables for years and have done a lot of reading and doing of research. They learned much of what they know about plants from books such as Gardening With Nature and Organic Gardening for Families. And because of that they have combined this knowledge and put together this amazing resource. The couple’s children play with vegetables all the time and it was nice to provide this resource for children and teenagers who are interested in growing and saving the environment.

This is an interesting book and you might not get what it is saying. For example, there is no mention of eating lettuce for breakfast. It is all about planting and growing vegetables. This will help you learn how to prepare foods you will be eating, eat foods that will be eaten, and how to eat things that you do not like. The authors’ son, Jaffe is a professional photographer who has been involved in the photography business for years. He has had many projects thrown at him to photograph different foods, environmental problems, and the people that are dealing with them. He has been fascinated with what he has found, so he decided to write this book.

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