45 DIY Recycled Wood Pallet Ideas Furniture Projects

Thinking of building a pallet racking project yourself? If so, then check out these ideas for you to build it at home. You’ll find that they’re cheaper than your local store and that it’s easy to build one of these units. Read on for some DIY Recycled Wood Pallet ideas.

First, you’ll need to gather up your favorite boards and get them to the nearest lumber yard. They’ll take care of the cutting and you can get the job done and go on with your life. You’ll need to use either screws or nail down the wood. You’ll want to get at least four boards for this and set them all up in a row, making sure the lines run perpendicular to each other. Then, lay another set of four boards down and connect them like a grid.

Next, lay out a couple of inches of board on top of one side of the board that was laid down. This is just to keep the stack of wood in place. You’ll be putting it on the other side and simply screw the stack in place with the screws. Another idea is to use a piece of plywood and use two pieces of wood as spacers and use nails to put them together. Finally, screw this board down to the end of the pallet rack. With this little tweak, you should be able to make a few racks.

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